Breathwork serves as an access point for your body.  Whether you're experiencing pain or anxiety, or you're ready to tap into how powerful your system really is, this is an amazing tool and integrated throughout care.

This is a 1 hour session that can be completed in person or over zoom. We'll explore what's present for you in your body and life that is present to be alchemized and create a breath session to support you in connection and embodiment.

Dr. Dani Stetzel


Unbound Vitality Chiropractic Studio

706 East Bell Road, 102
Phoenix, AZ


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Our nervous systems were not designed to process as much information as quickly as we do in our day and age. The pace of life, chemical overload from our foods and pollution, and information overload in our lives lead to our bodies to short circuit so we can feel like we can survivor.

What does that mean for you?  It may mean anxiety, chronic pain, a systemic disease, or a general lack of ease in your body. It may mean you feel constantly on edge.

You were not made to exist in a constant heightened state. What can you do about that?


An answer?  Breathwork.

Breathwork is a transformative tool to help you drop in to your body and get present with what's there. Using this tool you can unwind stress, tension, and trauma stored in your body and use it as fuel for your life. You can make change, develop deeper connection to yourself and others, and feel more present in your life.

You may be one breath away from an entirely different reality. If you're ready to find out, schdule a breathwork session using the appointment link.