Through specific, gentle contact points on your spine, Network Spinal Chiropractic supports reorganization in your body. As your body-mind learns new strategies to unwind tension stored in your system from physical , chemical , and mental/emotional stress, you can access more energy, ease, and clarity than you ever thought possible.
To begin to understand your nervous system (especially your Central Nervous System), think of the tuning of a guitar. Your central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord. The strings of the guitar, just like the nerves in your CNS, are attached at the top and the bottom. When the strings get tightened at either the top or the bottom, this changes the tone that is played when the strings are strummed. In your body, your spinal cord is connected to the bones in your neck and in your sacrum (bottom of your spine), but it floats freely through the rest of your spine so you can bend and move with ease.
When the connections at the top or bottom of your spine are disrupted through physical, chemical, or mental/emotional stress, it changes the tone of your nervous system, just like the tone from a guitar would change.
Similarly to a guitar, your nervous system requires consistent tuning so it can play as perfectly as possible. If left untuned for a long time, you'll begin to notice dis-ease in your body which may show up as pain and can eventually progress to disease like diabetes, disc herniation, or even autoimmune disease. More often, this dis-ease starts as things like increased anxiety, decreased sleep quality, headaches, or irritability (just to name a few).
The gentle contacts used in NS are applied in the neck or sacrum, directly where your spinal cord is connected to the bones. This allows your nervous system to become more ""finely tuned"" and adapt more readily to your environment.
What makes NS unique when compared to other approaches in chiropractic is that it seeks to not only bring a person back to the level of health they were at prior to any injury or health challenge, but it seeks to evolve their brain to a higher level of function. Just as a perfectly tuned guitar produces the best music, a perfectly tuned nervous system allows for the optimal expression of health, well-being, and life

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